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The first thing to know is that this process is tailored to you. We’ll take time to work out what it is that you need, but the essential offer is that I can help you write a CV that makes it clear to your future employer where your value lies.

I can also help your confidence. When you are able to answer the “So, tell me about yourself” question, your clarity is reassuring to yourself and others.
Annabel McDade

My Services

Define Your Value

A guided session before starting on your CV to identify your skills and strengths and work out where your value really lies.

CV Writing

Full service: I create and write your CV for you and we edit it together. This is highly collaborative and you are closely involved in the process.
A light touch: Consultancy for strong writers or those with a CV that’s nearly there.

LinkedIn Profiles

Advice to optimise your profile with a helpful level of information and insight on how recruiters use it.

Covering Letters

A consultation to discuss the best approach to engage the recruiter.


Tailored sessions for schools or groups of professionals.
I will be sharing your contact details with colleagues if they are looking for a CV writer.  You are a wonderful, inspiring lady who made me feel so much more confident about my next steps.  Thank you again.
MP and ex-Government Minister
Whether your CV needs a refresh or needs writing from scratch, I can’t recommend Annabel highly enough. Her structured approach, which combined objective challenge with a focus on strengths and impact, was just what I needed to be able to step back and take a look at my CV and what I want it to say about me.
All Annabel’s advice seemed grounded in sound logic borne out of experience and attuned to the needs of the recruiter, whilst also ensuring my individual knowledge, skills and expertise came together as a coherent picture.
COO, Energy Industry
Thought I would let you know that I just had an email back from a lady in my network who is a Director at (management consultancy) – her words “whatever you did to your CV it looks great!”. Thank you so much!
Lt Col, Army
Annabel listens and takes time to understand the person and potential role.  She always offers a considered and refreshingly honest perspective.  I believe this brings a level of clarity to a client’s thinking that elevates their proposal/application/interview performance.  In my case, Annabel’s help and support gave me an edge, which got me over the line and helped me to achieve my goal.
Operations and Transformation Director, Public & Private sector
Annabel, there are people that come to your life and make a difference, and you made a difference for me! This is a very special gift of special people, and I really enjoyed working with you. Count on me to spread the word about your business.
Healthcare sector strategist
Really happy with the covering letter. My wife who is the Sheikh’s private PA and has a Masters in HR says it’s the best she’s ever seen and you will have more work coming your way in the near future – a compliment for sure.
WO2, Army
The most valuable part of our working together was the reassurance, honesty and challenge. You calmed concern that I’d be able to describe and make relevant my experience. You called out waffle and flannel and set the right conditions for me to draw together a worthwhile CV. You challenged me to commit to the process, so the thinking and to trust. It worked!
Brigadier, Army
Thank you again for all your wisdom. On top of everything it’s given me the little pick me up I needed to have the confidence to get out there and apply for my next role. 
Assistant, Interior Design
Many thanks indeed for this very comprehensive download. I instinctively knew that you were the right person to help me with this during our conversation on Friday, so I’m delighted to see that my instinct was correct! I appreciate very much the level of detail that you’ve gone into.
Major, Army

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